*~Gonna Be My Day~*

Songwriting: Nightina
Arrangement: Nightina
Vocals: Nightina

Woke up late again
Stuck in bed 'til half past when
I'm should've woken up but,
I'm got this feeling that today's,

Gonna be my day!

Throw my jean shorts on, grab two scrunchies
And tie my pigtails up so tight
Grab my fuzzy hat,
And I'm racing down these stairs,
Sorry dad, I'm don't have time now
But as I'm zoomin for the door I hear,
"Here's some toast, here's your bag... I love you."
Today's gonna be my day

Meet my friends outside and then we are ready
Walk these streets in our jeans we're not sweating
Something's in the air,
I'm feel it...
Today's gonna be my day


8 o'Five, we're right on the dot
Hug my friends and then I'm ready for Drama Class
I'm gonna get this part
Break their hearts 'cause it's my start
Romeo and Juliet
Teacher hasn't posted the list yet
But oh, I'm just know it
Today's gonna be my day

5 more classes of stressing
All my friends said there's no guessing
That I'm the star
But I'm dont know how right they are
Why can't Math Class just be over
I gotta keep telling myself
Over and over and over and over
Today's gonna be my day



Bells ringing
I'm feel like I'm in the ninth inning
Turn the corner
What's all this bustle
Crowding the list like there's no hustle
My friends are all smiling at me!

My friends are all smiling at me

I'm got the part!

"Wow... who is that?"