*~ Nightina Photos ~*

Nightina loves going out and hanging out and having fun with her friends, just like we all to can.

This incredible snapshot is from Nightina's trip to France. Here she is underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris wearing her iconic jean shorts.

You might've noticed something different with Nightina here. That's right! She's wearing a French beret hat. Nightina's unbelievable fashion sense strikes again.

Ok, here's the scoop: we all know Nightina loves going to the mall and shopping. Here she is waiting for her friends in front of one of her fav stores. I'm actually took this photo myself, but her friends got there right before I was going to go ask for autograph...

Nightina's yellow Vespa is one of her most cherished possessions, only behind all 67 of her pairs of jean shorts, of course. Ever since she got this incredibly becoming miniature vehicle, she's never been sighting without it.

She says that there's nothing more freeing than feeling the wind through her pigtails as she scoots down the coast.

This photo is from one of Nightina's most precious memories, her very first live performance from her from her debut in 1998.

If you look so closely, you might notice her uniquely energy is on full display in this stunning action shot.

"Wow... who is that?"